I pressed more buttons and waited longer

Cinema4D and AE: many buttons.

My M.O so far: clicking on every button.

I am not diving in with the intent to master 3D modeling and animation but rather to gain a surface level understanding of how they function and use that knowledge to better communicate my thoughts and vision as an art director.

Also it’s fun.

A dogged determination to move at the speed of late and brunch levels of BPM.

About an hour of rehearsed anger, singers who can’t sing and inspiring stubbornness. A reminder that we owe youth.

The other day I came across the work of the photographer Saul Leiter.

Saul’s personal work enjoyed a late recognition but like Helen Levitt or a little later Martha Cooper (whose documentation of 70’s NYC Graffiti in ‘Subway Art’ I’d recommend) he is now considered as one of the mythical…

A few months ago, whilst Britain was permanently wet and kept skateboards in quarantine, I came across a website that religiously collected all skate ads since the late 70s. Explore it here.

Théo Dufaÿ 🇫🇷🇦🇺

Advertising creative something. London is the reason. Favourite leg: left leg.

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